Evidence database

Our evaluation team has created a very useful evidence database of around 3,000 references to articles and other material which all Well North pathfinders can use. The references cover many topics of interest mainly focussed on ongoing Well North projects. This database is updated on a regular basis. The references are stored on a free-to-use system called Mendeley.

If you would like access to the resources, please contact Lesley Patterson at

Well North Model of Change

You can access the Model of Change as a pdf here.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) and evaluating the Well North Model of Change

Click here to watch a presentation by Dr Arpana Verma

Using creative methods in evaluation

Click here to download a guide to using photos to bring a creative perspective to research interviews.

Participation satisfaction survey

Click here to download this simple tool to help you measure the impact of events that happen in your pathfinder area.

Justification of resources form

Click here to download the spreadsheet and here for guidance to help you complete it.

Well North Star

Read more here about the Well North Star model and how to develop it for your pathfinder.