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Mick Hanratty

Well North Director

Joining Well North as the Programme Delivery Manager and then becoming Operations Lead, in 2018 I was appointed as Well North Director, following the departure of the Chief Executive. My role covers all aspects of the effective day to day running of Well North, including:

  • Responsibility for the Well North budget, on behalf of the Well North Board;
  • Ensuring plans and processes are in place for managing the £9m funding from Public Health England and match funding by accountable bodies to the Well North Agreement;
  • Reporting on progress to the Executive and Board;
  • Maintaining effective relationships with each pathfinder at different levels, to ensure delivery against agreed pathfinder plans;
  • Responsibility for assuring delivery of the hub team priorities and management of staff team and associates team; and
  • Working with both the Chair and the CIC lead officer in managing the transition to Well North Enterprises CIC.

Before joining Well North, I enjoyed nearly 30 years’ experience in both central and local government, covering many different aspects of services that affect people’s lives – from crime and disorder prevention, through to land use planning, neighbourhood regeneration and policy writing.

Passionate about photography, music and football, I’m a strong advocate of equity, and have a great desire to make a real difference to the quality of life of the people who live, work and play across the Well North areas and beyond.