Christopher Mills

Well Halton Support Member

I am a qualified mental health support worker, a self-taught filmmaker and have volunteered with a national charity, Papyrus. My role at Well North is as a Well Halton Support Officer, which has given me the opportunities to engage with a wide variety of projects and community groups.

One of my key outputs has been the filming and production of a number of short films. These films highlight the work of community organisations such as Runcorn Veterans Association, CHI and Sew Halton. I have also produced a number of other films, including work for other Well North sites such as Burnley Wood. My aim is to continue developing and producing these video case studies, to give Well North a unique way of telling the stories of the exceptional people that we engage with on a regular basis.

My journey into mental health support started back in 2011, when I lost a close friend to suicide. I have since taken it upon myself to research mental health and raise awareness. Im passionate about finding out what difference we can make in our communities to combat the social and mental health crises we have currently found ourselves in.

Outside of this world, I was formerly a keen BMX rider. This is due to Runcorn, the area where I grew up. In Runcorn, there isn't a lot to do; it's a strange town made in the 1960's, with interesting urban architecture and open green spaces. As a youth, this landscape set the scene where I would hone my practice and hone my skills on the bike, eventually leading to me pursuing a semi-professional career in BMXing.