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Paula Ratcliffe

Well Whitehaven Project Lead

My career has allowed me to work with several fantastic charities and organisations to help them develop and source funding for projects projects - large and small - throughout Copeland.

I am qualified in Project Management and Fundraising and have spent the past 8 years as a Project Coordinator with Copeland Community Fund, and am looking forward to putting the knowledge and skills I've built over the years into practice with the Well Whitehaven programme.

I am passionate about working on projects with exceptional, dedicated community volunteers and really making a difference to the local community. I've learnt over the years that volunteers are the ones who truly have their communities at the heart of what they do; and that sometimes a bit of support and direction is all that is required to turn the dreams of a community into reality.

I'm also a huge lover of sports (both watching and playing), and the general great outdoors. I play Netball locally and across the North, and in June 2013 received a Regional Golden Globe Award for services to Netball. I also took up Softball Cricket in Summer 2017, and am proud to be able to say that every minute spent on the physio table and every penny on treatment has been worthwhile, if it has helped motivate females of all ages to get involved in team sport and have a genuine good time.