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Bringing leaders together


In early October we brought together leaders from the main arts and cultural venues as well as community organisations in our area for the inaugural meeting of our arts Advisory Group. The role of the group is to ensure that arts organisations are engaged in and able to shape the development of the Well Newcastle Gateshead programme and also to act as a champion for approaches that improve health and wellbeing via arts and culture.

A new project is born for the common wealth


Northern Stage will work in partnership with organisations from Byker in the east end of Newcastle, and Common Wealth Theatre, a Bradford based company who make original theatre in community spaces, with people who don’t usually think it’s for them, to co-create a site-specific performance. Together they will bring together adult residents in Byker, specifically targeting veterans and people who have experienced refugee status, to generate the content for the performance and develop creative and leadership skills.

The project will start in February 2019 and conclude with the performances in the autumn of 2019. It is estimated that there will be 500+ participants in the project over that period from the local community.

Talking to our communities


We collaborated with Gateshead Council to hold the second of our conversations with communities in each of the four localities of our area. This time we enjoyed the hospitality of Edberts House in Felling, Gateshead, to hold conversations with key people in the community about how their organisations could support children and families to be better prepared for school. Lots of ideas emerged from those conversations, including setting up a project to help adults with children in their lives to read stories to them, connecting young children with nature via making mosaics, and intergenerational work with children, parents and grandparents working together to develop a play/drama/choir.