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We want to use the Well Sefton programme to develop new conversations with the local community of Bootle, and to involve them in the delivery of the programmes that will improve local health and wellbeing.

The area has huge potential to work with businesses involved in developing the Port of Liverpool, and create new jobs, business and training opportunities for local people. Bootle has great assets in terms of its people and community – we need to make the most of them.

Local people have shared their hopes and wishes with us, and made it clear that they want to make changes which are sustainable in Bootle, rather than seeing initiatives that stop when the money runs out.

Here is a presentation about what we are doing in Well Sefton.

We’ve already got lots of ideas, and if you want to share your suggestions with us please get in touch!

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Well Sefton news

SAFE Regeneration has been working with global investment bank Goldman Sachs on an exciting project to support their bid to attract international investment in a major local project.

Brian Dawe and his team are participating in the 2016 Goldman Sachs Student Challenge, which provides students who are due to graduate in 2019 with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their analytical, creative and strategic thinking by presenting innovative solutions to one of three business challenges.

The challenge SAFE Regeneration gave the students is that they are looking to access international investment to support a major regeneration project – how can they do this while still maintaining a strong sense of local community ownership and engagement? Watch this video to find out more: